General Manager, Training

  • Full Time
  • Kenya

We are looking for a high-performing General Manager of Training to oversee the training program in Kenya. The successful candidate will develop a strategy to train hospital stakeholders, and focus on execution by coordinating in-country part time trainers to engage hospital targets. General Manager of Training duties will include hiring skilled trainers to join the team, and continuously evaluate the trainers and the training program to ensure maximum impact. The General Manager of Training will also work directly with hospitals to set up training sessions, and occasionally they will conduct training of various stakeholders.



  • Develop and execute strategic plan to train stakeholders at hospitals
  • Organize trainings and CME sessions across Kenya
  • Communicate with Sisu’s trainers about various trainings and CME sessions and ensure they are prepared with all materials
  • Manage Training Resources and Simulator Kits
  • Communicate with Sisu management about the status of hospital trainings and suggest improvements to increase penetration
  • Refine Training curriculum for maximum impact

Recruitment and Management of Trainers

  • Recruiting skilled trainers to join Sisu’s team
  • Train Sisu’s team of trainers to the most updated training material
  • Monitor and evaluate Sisu’s trainers
  • Create a follow-on program to evaluate efficacy of training
  • Organize and manage Sisu’s part time trainers to ensure that hospitals are adequately trained Training of Health Care Professionals
  • Train various Health Care Professionals – doctors, theater staff, anaesthetists



  • MBChB, BSc in Nursing or other similar degree or equivalent experience
  • Willing to travel within Kenya to support training needs
  • Ability to plan, organize and change work plan & strategies based on changing demands
  • Strong professional and cross-cultural communication skills
  • Experience living, working and teaching in Kenya
  • Willingness to jump in, step up and do whatever is needed to help the company succeed Preferred
  • MD, MSc in Nursing or other similar degree or equivalent experience
  • Previous experience as a field trainer, clinical trainer, educator
  • Experience planning, executing, and measuring the effectiveness of training
  • Proven ability to change training programs
  • Previous training experience in the healthcare field
  • Experience in healthcare sales and marketing (ideally medical device and emerging markets)
  • Enthusiastically help other colleagues solve problems
  • Appreciation of puns

If interested, please apply on the Sisu Global Health website or on the following link: